Cabinet of Ministers

Saeima (Parliament)

Ministry of Economy
of Latvia

Ministry of Agriculture
of Latvia

Ministry of Welfare 
of Latvia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Latvia

Min.of Environmental

Ministry of Finance 
of Latvia

Council of 
national economy

Embassies of Latvia

Council of 
food industry experts

Latvian Fishery association
Latvijas Dairying 
central union 
Latvian association of meat producers and processing
Latvian association of small meat producers and processing
Association of Latvian breweries
Association of sugar-beet breeder and processing
Latvian Bakers association
Latvian Fish manufacturers association

Latvian Federation of Food Enterprises 

Secretariat of 
council of 
food industry experts

Association of producers of canned fruits - vegetables

Latvian Bakers association

Food enterprises

Food council

Latvian Food Centre

Agricultural market 
promotion centre

Marketing council

Certification council

Centre of Food certification "Latsert"

Latvian Development Agency

Confederation of the food and drink industries of the EU

SLLC Latvian Standard

Latvian Chamber of Industry and Comerce

European integration Bureau

Technical committee 
of food standard

Latvia - Russia council of applied 

Confederation of Latvian industry

European Movement in Latvia

Advisory council of environmental protection fund

Latvian employers 

Country supporting service

Latvian Association for Quality

Business Advisory 
service programme

Latvian Trader`s association

entrepreneurship fund 

Latvian packaging asociation

International exhibition 
company BT-1

Association of Latvian fruit-growers

Latvian exportcredit

Association "Latvian gardener"

Mass medium